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How much will my website cost?

23 June, 2017 | Website Design Dublin

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  1. Domain name : This is an annual cost. The .ie domain name can be got for as little as €8 in the first year than €29 per annum.
  2. Web hosting : This is an annual cost. You can get decent irish web hosting for as little as €40/y
  3. Website build : This is a once off cost. Just put your own figure down on paper. Don’t be shy. This is what you’re willing to pay. It’s an instinctive mixture of what you think it’s worth, and how many euros you have in your pocket. You might be pleasantly surprised. If this really doesn’t work for you, then ask how long it will take to build what you want and multiply the time taken by the average industrial wage. That should come cl
  4. Training : This is a once off cost if you or your staff plan to update the website. A day's training including manuals is around €600. You might get away with a half day. Also get a price per hour for additional phone support, because you're not a technical genius and the training is never enough.
  5. Edits/Updates : This is an ongoing cost if you want the website firm to do your updates for you. Plan for about 4 hours updates annually if you're not going to do much updating. Editing costs are in or around €25/h. If you're going to do a lot of updating, then go for the Training option instead it will work out cheaper in the end. (Also - don't confuse editing costs with programming updates like adding new functionality to the site - these are charged out at around €100/h)
  6. Backups : This is an ongoing cost. The cheap and cheerful way to do this is to ask the web hosting firm do they take regular backups (ie at least once a day), and what do they charge for providing you with one in case you mess up your site or a giant worm devours it in your sleep. I’ve seen prices at €45 ex VAT per restore. Factor it in, all done.

    For a busier site, or a forum, or a member’s area, you might want to organise your own backups to the cloud on a daily/hourly/weekly basis. Consult the web firm, not all of them do it. Some web hosts offer cloud backup also. Prices will start from a couple of hundred a year to a couple of thousand depending on your needs and how valuable your data is to you.

  7. Code maintenance : This is an ongoing cost. If your website is developed using the likes of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, they need constant updating to keep the code working and the hackers out. You simply CANNOT put them in and ignore the technical updating requirement. You CANNOT put your head into the sand about this. Ask the web firm how much to keep the system (and its dependencies) up to date. It takes about 30 minutes to do the update (if it goes right), so work on 2-4 updates/yr. About €50 each. You might be able to work out a good deal if you take a backup and maintenance contract together.
  8. Secure Certificate : This is an annual cost. You will only need a secure certificate if you sell online or require a secure member login. A secure certificate provides an encrypted channel so that sensitive data like logins/credit cards cannot be deciphered if they're snooped in transit. Expect to pay €10/y. (It also puts the 's' in https://.)
  9. Payment Gateway